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"Sidious and Vader"

To the tune of “I Once Was as Meek as a Newborn Lamb” by Gilbert and Sullivan.

SIDIOUS: I once was an innocent Naboo lad
Darth Sidious now am I *ha ha*
A shadowy fellow
With eyes of bright yellow
Darth Sidious now am I *ha ha*

VADER: And I’m no more eschewing bad
I’m a Sithlord none defy *ha ha*
Check the Tusken village
Which of life I did pillage
A Sithlord none defy *ha ha*

BOTH: Darth Sidious from fair Naboo
Whose yellow eyes bore your mind through
And also evil Anakin
Who wiped out a camp of Tuskens.

SIDIOUS: My face and my conscience look the same
Worn out and shrivelléd. *ha ha*
On my face it appeared
O’er the last twenty years
Worn out and shrivelléd, *ha ha*

VADER: Anakin Skywalker’s no more my name
‘Tis Darth Vader instead. *ha ha*
For if Sith thou art
Thy first name must be Darth
‘Tis Darth Vader instead *ha ha*

BOTH: Enlightening it is, I claim,
To see face and conscience look the same
And Sith are all compelled to start
Their names(every last one) with Darth.
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